We offer the best service in the market. But you rarely get the chance to experience it.

We like to state this: You will not run into problems with an HSP Gripen. And we believe the best service is one that you (almost) never have to use.


All our products are of the highest quality, which means you rarely need to call our service desk. But if there is an error or problem, our knowledgeable service staff will offer assistance immediately.

Spare parts

We always keep spare parts for our products in stock can supply them to you with quick and efficient freight services throughout the world.

Repair work

After extended and heavy use of an HSP Gripen, some wear and tear is to be expected. We carry out repair work in our modern workshop and our goal is to always complete repairs within a week.

Other issues

Through our technical support you can also get help with everything else related to our products. You can easily order manuals, spare parts catalogues and technical documentation. Here you will also find safety instructions, warranty conditions and assembly tools.

Contact Service and Spare Parts

Telephone +46 652 366 90


Here you will find little information on the accessories for our products. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please do get in touch.

Grapple attachments

Fittings to attach the Grapple to excavators. The attachments can be replaced individually, fitted to all HSP Gripen, and are available for most of the machine attachments found on the market.

Rotator and swing damper equipment

We distribute Indexator’s high-quality, tried and tested range of rotator and swing damper products for forestry, general cargo and materials handling. The range is suitable for all types of work – from basic to the most demanding. Visit for our complete range and technical data. We stock the most common models and corresponding spare parts.

Hose swivels

The hose swivel eliminates any twisting in hydraulic hoses and enables shorter hose lengths to be used. A swivel significantly increases the lifespan of a hose. We have a wide selection in our range.

Rotator adapter

The rotator adapter is fixed with a bolted joint in the rotator plate on the grapple for use on rotator models with shafts (quick connect). Available for the majority of mountings on the market.


We’re a step ahead of our competitors, both in terms of products and ambitions. We do not give you simply what you expect – our grapples will also meet your needs and challenges in the future.