The original

The twin cylinders* in the standard grapple provide low and even shaft loading, which means less wear. The design of the claws allows the logs to roll in gently, fills the grapple efficiently, and ensures that the load stays in place. This grapple works quickly and easily on all types of material.


For tough jobs

Our most powerful grapple is designed for heavy lifting and tough jobs. This makes them particularly suitable for clear-cutting forwarders etc. The steel plates are thicker, the rotator plate is larger, the lower boom tubes are reinforced, which combine to make the Heavy Duty our stiffest grapple.


Maximise forest yield

The Bio model has been designed for quick, easy handling of slash and waste material, parts of trees and other material that is to be chipped to BioFuel, either directly into chippers during felling, or later from a stockpile. The Bio model uses reinforced boom tubes and twice the material thickness in the claws. The Bio also has mechanical end stops, which prevents the cylinders from bottoming. There is also a widened Bio model for stump handling etc.


Effective timber handling

Our Terminal grapples have been developed for handling large quantities of logs at sawmills, log terminals, harbors and the like. Its sturdy design tailored to customer needs makes the grapple not only perfect and easy to handle but also safe and reliable. The Terminal grapple closes tip-to-tip and has double chains securing the load in place even if not fully loaded.

Terminal LB

For heavy lifting

A technical further development of our normal Terminal grapples with the same high performance but in low-built (LB) design for extra lifting height. The Terminal LB is intended for the efficient handling of large volumes. It is basically a large HeavyDuty (HD) version with its overlapping claws and excellent log handling properties.


Widest opening

The Construction is our premium grapple, which probably opens wider than any other grapple. It is designed to be mounted on an excavator, and has a unique stand that uses heavier plate, bent in one piece, and no welded side pieces. The load retention valve* and piston accumulator* are installed inside the stand, integrated with the hydraulic system. Construction can do heavy lifting, and is extremely stable at the same time.


As requested by the sawmills

The Industry model has been specially designed for the sawmill industry, but can also be installed on other applications. Industry has three claws, for easy separation and grasping of single logs. Industry features low profile design, it is wider and thus more stable, without compromising ease of operation.


The easy way to sort timber

The V-Shape is similar to our standard grapple, and has been specially designed to make fine sorting easier. Ground contact is minimised, using a V-Shape. Since the tip of the claw is centred, force distribution is not affected and the risk of uneven loading is eliminated in practice.


Quick, easy lifting of stones and scrap

The Sorting grapple is particularly suitable for use in building and construction sites as well as recycling facilities. It’s equipped with a load retention valve and piston accumulator that are fitted inside the stand, integrated with the hydraulic system. Sorting can manage heavy lifting and is extremely stable at the same time. Unlike Construction, this grapple closes tip to tip.


Two in One

A Duo* saves you time and makes swapping between brushwood and timber claws easy. Function changes take less than 10 minutes and just a few simple steps. With a Duo you waste neither time nor oil. Jobs you needed two grapples for are now done by one.


Lifting scrap, stumps and parts of trees

A special development for the recycling industry, our RC grapple is ideal for fast and easy handling and sorting of varying materials, such as junk, scrap and recyclable wood. The RC has more and stronger claw tines as well as mechanical stops preventing the cylinders from reaching their end positions. For work with wood recycling, stumps and tree limbs on a daily basis, the RC also comes in an extra wide Heavy-Duty (HD+) design.

Bucket Halves

Fast and flexible

Bucket halves for chip handling are available as accessories for Standard, HD, BIO and Construction grapples in 150-2500 litre sizes. These bucket halves are suitable for the 015-100 HSP Gripen and mean that you quickly switch from the timber grapple to the chip bucket and vice versa. Quick and easy. These buckets are also available in a narrower design for clearing out ditches and the like. You can switch over in less than 20 minutes. Saving both time and money for your business. Why make it more complicated?


For chips and other bulk materials

The new generation of chip buckets is based on our time-tested, successful grapple technology and comes in sizes from 0.15 to 1.8 m3. The buckets have been specifically developed for chip handling and optimum function inside chip vans and on the ground. They can also be adapted to other bulk materials such as ballast and fillers.

Saw Unit

For exact lengths

The saw cassette for both excavator- and rotator attachment is a smart accessory for example, length cutting, cutting bioenergy materials or tree parts. Also suitable on service vehicles such as multi-use backhoe loaders. This is possible by the brand new excavator attachment. Ideal for cutting and clear cutting work in city environments or in association with storm damages. Individually adaptable for each grapple model or excavator attachment. Adapted for assembly on HSP Gripen 025, 028, 035, 040, 055 and 080 models.


For Xtreme jobs in tough environments

Our HDX grapple is built for the extremely demanding work of large forwarders, skidders or excavators when handling tree-length logs. The HDX is heavily reinforced, featuring a one-piece, bent frame fitted with expander guards, a reinforced parallel rod, and mechanical claw stops for cylinder protection. Options include a load-holding kit and Xtra claw reinforcements.

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