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In 1994, one of Sweden’s many machine operators, had grown tired of the small range available and the average quality and performance of grapples, and decided to develop and manufacture his own. He had an idea of what was required from a grapple to function efficiently and last for a long time. Today HSP Gripen is one of the leading companies in grapple manufacture. The company was acquired in September 2010 by Johan Hedin and Tomas Jonsson, both with comprehensive experience in the machinery and forestry industries. Since April 2017, Tomas Jonsson is the sole owner. All HSP Gripen manufacture takes place in Hudiksvall, northern Hälsingland province. Of the total volumes manufactured, around 65% goes to the foreign market.

HSP Gripen are manufactured using the latest technology in order to produce the highest quality grapples possible. Manufacturing is done using laser, gas and plasma cutting, and robot welding in modern facilities, to ensure efficient production. For the best finish and surface treatment, all grapples powder-coated.

HSP Gripen are produced so that you can maintain your high productivity and fast pace of work. All grapples are low profile and lightweight, which means that they take up little space and are easy to transport, as well as providing extra lifting height. The design of the claws means that the grapple works softly and quickly with a variety of materials, enabling the logs to roll in gently and grapple to fill efficiently. All grapples – apart from the smallest – are equipped with twin hydraulic cylinders for low shaft loading and cushioning for exceptional handling. Together with twin boom tubes, this provides a very stable and powerful grapple. Expander pins are included as standard.

Why you should choose HSP Gripen:

– Manufactured in Sweden
– Own development and service
– Quick delivery times
– Wide range makes it simple to make the right choice
– Always the best possible quality
– Just as good in real life as on paper

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Tomas Jonsson


Telephone: +46 652 366 91
Mobile: +46 70 634 66 50

Rainer Alakorpi

Cutting Manager and Design

Telephone: +46 652 366 93
Mobile: +46 70 212 82 69

Magnus Bergman

Production Manager

Telephone: +46 652 366 98
Mobile: +46 70 575 86 95

Janolof Joelsson

Sales & Marketing Manager

Telephone: +46 652 366 92
Mobile: +46 70 621 89 24

Amanda Fredlund


Telephone: +46 652 366 97
Mobile: +46 70 366 97 28

Jennie Gill Lindh

Accounting manager

Telephone: +46 652 366 99
Mobile: +46 76 783 66 90

Olof Persson

Purchase and Production Planning

Telephone: +46 652 366 96
Mobile: +46 70 256 11 77

Daniel Fors

Welding Manager and Design

Mobile: +46 70 357 03 54

Johan Hedin

Chairman of the Board

Mobile: +46 70 211 08 56

Spare parts

Telephone: +46 652 366 95
Mobile: +46 70 366 95 26

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Köpmanbergsvägen 3
824 50 Hudiksvall, Sweden
Telephone: +46 652 366 90
Fax: +46 652 405 50


We’re a step ahead of our competitors, both in terms of products and ambitions. We do not give you simply what you expect – our grapples will also meet your needs and challenges in the future.